Frequently Asked Questions

I have textured walls, what can I do?

There is a work around for textured walls. The easiest is applying wall decals to corrugated plastic. Home Depot sells 4' x 8' sheets of corrugated plastic for around $22. Apply the decal to the corrugated plastic. Use a "utility knife" with a new blade and trim around the shape of the character. Then use 3M command strips to hang! Thats it. Now you have a rigid, wall decal that you can move around whenever you want that will stick to textured walls :)


What are the BEST walls for wall decals?

Please note Creative For Kids wall decals adhere to smooth, indoor surfaces like:

Smooth walls – (light orange peel is not considered smooth)
Painted drywall
Inside, temperature-controlled environments

The best paint finishes for wall decals is eggshell or satin finish. These paints are best for wall decals :)

I design large scale kids theme environments and have since 2000 and these are the finishes I have always used. My personal preference is Sherwin-Williams Duration Satin.

Can I remove and resuse the decal over and over and over and over again?

No. Vinyl decals are good for putting on and taking of easily without residue. Vinyl decals lose adhesion every time they are removed.

Wall Decal Instructions

Instructions will be included with all orders that contain wall decals.

What walls are NOT best for wall decals?

Surfaces not recommended:

* Freshly painted walls (Wait 30 days for paint to cure completely before putting up wall stickers.)
* Textured walls
* Unpainted drywall
* Brick or Cinder Block
* Porous or textured paneling
* Outside

I've been selling wall decals since 2000, there are newly developed paints that no sticker will stick to. These are specialty paints rarely used in the home or church. Keep in mind that labeled low/no VOC paints and Paint and Primer paints can have difficulty holding a sticker. So just be aware of what is on your walls :)

Do you offer wall sticker samples?

It sounds good to say "yes"... but I believe that a small sticker sample is great for my business image but not a honest representation of the realities of wall decals. I've sold thousands of wall decals since 2000.

So my answer is "not typically". Here's why.... a small sample is actually not a honest representation of sticker adhesion. A small sticker sample will stick to even "non sticker friendly" paints. The reason is because its small and has no "weight".

An actual sized sticker is larger and even though does not "weigh" very much is it substantially more than a sticker sample.

The best wisdom I can give you is simply know what kind of paint is on your wall. :)

Do you offer returns if I change my mind?

All orders are printed on demand. We don't carry any inventory of wall decals. For that reason we do not offer to take returns. We do our best to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions prior to your purchase to minimize any missteps.

Why is my package late?

Currently there are shipping delays at the USPS. We ship all packages USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail. However, current delivery times are exceeding the Priority Mail delivery time. If you have questions, take your shipping number to your local Post Office for an update on delivery.

My package arrived damaged, what should I do?

Damages are rare. They account for less than 1% of our orders for 20 years. However, they unfortunately do occur.

We use to process all damages as a courtesy to our customers. However, resent changes at the Post Office do not allow us to file claims on behalf of our customers any longer.

If your package arrives damaged, you will need to take the damaged package and its contents into your local post office to file a claim. If you do not take both the package and the contents into the post office they will NOT file a claim. You have to do this BEFORE filing a claim online.