Spending Time With Jesus In Jeans Wall Decal Grouping

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Size Chart: Spending Time With Jesus In Jeans 


LARGE: Width x Height - 48 x 73 + 49 x 63 + 48 x 40

Jesus Walking: 48 x 73

Girl Skating: 24 x 55

Boy with Skateboard: 30 x 52

Boy with Bike: 30 x 57



MEDIUM: Width x Height - 49 x 72

Jesus Walking:29 x 44

Girl Skating: 15 x 36

Boy with Skateboard:

Boy with Bike: 19 x 37


SMALL: Width x Height - 48 X 41

Jesus Walking: 20 X 31

Girl Skating: 10 X 25

Boy with Skateboard: 12 X 22

Boy with Bike: 12 X 24


Spending Time With Jesus In Jeans Sunday school wall decal grouping from Creative for Kids has an adhesive back which sticks to smooth surfaces such as flat walls, smooth wood and glass without leaving a residue. Best of all, Creative for Kids Wall Decals are semi-permanent! They will stick as long as you need them to, but are completely removable-so you can reposition them and replace them as your decorating needs change.

Please Note: Wall Decals are designed for use on flat surfaces only and wall surfaces must be allowed to cure for 30 days after painting, before applying decals. Decals will eventually peel if applied to surfaces of a rough or uneven texture. If your walls are rough we provide instructions on how to make cut outs, using corrugated plastic sheets, that can be secured to cinder block or other rough surfaces. Material is vinyl and can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. All CFK Sunday school wall decals and wall art products are non refundable because they are printed once your order is placed.