Jesus Rejoice With Me Be Joyful PreK Bible Story Wall Decal

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Jesus Rejoice With Me Be Joyful PreK Bible Story Wall Decal reminds kids and families how much Jesus loves them on their way to their Sunday School classroom, in kids church, or Children's Ministry. Creative For Kids Sunday School Wall Decals are great way to invite kids and families to learn more about the Bible and are easy to install in you Kids Church, Sunday School Classroom, registration area, or Children's Ministry. We offer Sunday School, kids church, and children's ministry wall decals, Bible story banners, and murals. Please refer to our FAQ section for more information on installation.


Small Character Group:
Jesus: 18" x 28"
Boy Glasses: 16" x 12"
Boy Red Hair: 8" x 16"
African American Girl: 11" x 20"
Asian Girl: 14" x 14"

Medium Character Group:
Jesus: 32" x 51"
Boy Glasses: 28" x 20"
Boy Red Hair: 14" x 28"
African American Girl: 19" x 35"
Asian Girl: 25" x 25"

Large Character Group:
Jesus: 43" x 68"
Boy Glasses: 36" x 31"
Boy Red Hair: 20" x 39"
African American Girl: 26" x 47"
Asian Girl: 33" x 33"