Jesus Walking with Kids Wall Decal Grouping

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Jesus Walking with Kids is easy to install and make a great Bible Story Scene for your Kids Church, Sunday School or Children's Ministry. Creative For Kids Sunday School Wall Decals are great teaching and decorating resources for the hallways in your Kids Church, Sunday School Classroom, registration area, or Children's Ministry. We offer Sunday School, kids church, and children's ministry wall decals, banners, and murals. Please refer to our FAQ section for more information on installation.

LARGE: Width x Height
Jesus: 29 x 69
Kids bush: 33 x 33
Boy backwards: 18 x 31
Girl running: 35 x 27
Girl skipping: 21 x 32

MEDIUM: Width x Height
Jesus: 22 X 48
Kids bush23 X 23
Boy backwards: 10 X 22
Girl running: 24 X 19
Girl skipping: 14 X 22

SMALL: Width x Height
Jesus: 14 X 33
Kids bush: 16 X 16
Boy backwards: 7 X 15
Girl running: 17 X 13
Girl skipping: 11 X 16